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Remedial Therapy

Strategic , individualized intervention to address the skill/ academic needs of the children.


Provides in depth analysis of the child’s developmental / academic needs.


Individualized / Group tutoring to strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence and develop study skills.


Alternative and flexible curriculum coaching through open schooling for children who are struggling to cope with other boards.

E - Skills

Training modules to equip children with Essential Skills so that they become confident, responsible and independent to deal with challenges of daily life.


Addresses the behavioural concerns resulting from academic, social , emotional or communication challenges.

From Isolation to Inclusion

Assessment and Remedial Centre

This road is filled with obstacles” is the impression of the child.
But it is ‘WE’ as therapist with the support of the family can break the mirage and assist them to reach their milestones.

Our Mission

We at SAAHAS are committed to making a difference in the lives of these children by empowering them with extraordinary learning experiences, skills and strategies.


We we also promise boost of confidence, motivation and self-esteem which help the children in inclusion.
However big or small, seen or unseen, it’s the transformation that matters. It is the smile of success of the parent, the sense of achievement for the child that initiates and motivates us to put in 100% and more and more and more.

It’s the work we do and the help we give that matters!

Our Vision

From Isolation To Inclusion

We HELP children with:

Learning Disability

Physical Disabilities

Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

Intellectual Disabilities

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioral / Emotional Challenges


“ The Faculty at the centre Bharti Shinde is highly motivating and co-operative.”

Sonal Mehta


“ Thankful to Saahas for being there for countless students and parents like us.”

Bhairavi Raichura


“ Remedial knowledge is helping me a lot in handling this kind of cases in my tuition class.”

Renu Siri


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