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Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual Disability refers to a child’s inability to carry out different tasks with same pace as compared to the children of the same age due to below average mental abilities (IQ < 70). The two areas that are affected are:

• Intellectual functioning (such as learning, problem solving, limited reasoning skills)
• Adaptive functioning (activities of daily life such as communication and independent living)

On the basis of intellectual functioning it can be identified as


• Can generally learn reading, writing and math skills with appropriate intervention
upto their potential.


• Can learn some basic reading and writing skills, functional skills of safety and self help .
• Requires consistent supervision


• Difficulty in reading and writing
• Can learn self help skills and routines
• Require supervision in their daily living activities


• Requires intensive support
• Difficulty in communication

On the basis of adaptive functioning, the “ Red Flags” in three domains could be:

Conceptual domain : Language, Reasoning,Reading, Knowledge, Writing, Memory, Math.

Social domain : Empathy, Interpersonal Relationships, Making & Retaining friendships.

Practical domain : Personal Care, Job Responsibilities, Money, Organisation of tasks, Recreation.

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