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Human cognition—i.e., thinking, learning, and understanding, these skills are instilled in students by educators through different strategies. Teachers guide students understanding by asking questions based on different levels. Some questions are direct and many questions are asked in such a way, that forces the students to think and answer. Where as still there are some questions which teachers put across to students, that may require them to compare information, or use their prior knowledge to find the efficacy or validity or translate the presented information appropriately for further use. These types of questioning skills may be used by educators for assessment or instructional procedures.

Benjamin Bloom in 1956, published such a kind of classification of questioning for learning outcomes and objectives, which is popularly known as “Bloom’s Taxonomy”.

The webinar on “LOTS to HOTS in Bloom’s Taxonomy” was conducted in two different sessions on 30th July & 1st August 2020. The objective of the webinar was to help educators and parents refresh their questioning techniques consciously, to be used to understand, guide and evaluate children’s learning in their day-to-day school curriculum.

The feedback received from the participants was positive, as attending such type of webinars/ workshops reinforces the conscious use of it.

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