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Time flies, and it did, as we completed another session of our webinar with children.
The topic “Get into the Now Habit- No Procrastination”, was a simplified session on Time-Management.
The objective was well understood by the students as they were guided through activities on planning and strategising. The children identified the lapses in their daily routine only when they made a 24-hour chart and attempted a quiz that made them reflect on their skill to use Time wisely. The activities helped them to realise that it is very important to list down their goals for the day/week/ month and delegate time as per the priority they think is appropriate.
A short video helped the students to identify the Time-robbers and how they rob away our important and precious time and delay our process of reaching the goal or missing the target. The understanding of missing the target or delay in accomplishment of goal was demonstrated using a flow chart where the process was stirred-up with guided questions for procrastination reasons, as well as finding solutions which otherwise would have helped the character in the story. Day-to-day examples were presented to help the students understand why people procrastinate.
Overall a successful 2-hour webinar kept the students glued to their devices and as it ended the students were seen in a pensive mood.

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